Not many people would wait until their 80s to write a book - let alone four. But fresh from her first success with 'From the Ends of the earth', she has burst into the next decade with 'This Infant Adventure - Offspring of the Royal Gardens at Kew'. Filling in time between these two books Christian has written an evocative memoir - 'I Only Joined for the Hat'. She has just published a new book 'Cruising Along'.

All four of Christian's books are available to buy from this website, with the author signing each copy ordered.

Having an insatiable spirit of adventure and also a highly inquisitive mind most of Christian’s trips were for a distinct purpose rather than just lying hedonistically on a deckchair in the sun.

Sometimes she followed the routes of old seafaring explorers, other times visited sites of botanical interest (being a distinguished plantswoman), and on occasions just gone to see friends in far flung corners of the world.

Cruising Along captures the very essence of ship-board life on all sorts of vessels—from the very large liners to the small troop ships—with destinations as varied as Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and New York, to name but a few.

Each cruise has its own particular character and Christian has the ability to observe and comment on the individual ship and to remark, often with wry humour, on her fellow passengers as well as the crew. She puts places and people into historical context and records the changing face of sea cruises over eighty or so years.

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Passionate plant collectors remembered in a Cornish garden

What risks did the early plant collectors take to bring us the plants we know and love? Who found what and where? And how similar are their finds to the plants we grow today? Christian Lamb has been to extraordinary lengths to find out, as we soon discover in 'From the Ends of the Earth'.

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Redoubtable Wrens at War...their trials, tribulations and triumphs

A wonderfully evocative illustrated memoir that gives a rare firsthand account of what life was truly like for World War II Wrens, written by spry octogenarian Christian Lamb.

in 1939, before compulsory call-up, the young Christian Lamb felt she had to 'do her bit' for the war effort. Her comfortable life was about to be turned upside down.

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Offspring of the Royal Gardens at Kew

It so happens that I 'collect' botanic gardens; but because you can't take them away with you and gloat over them it is not quite the same physical activity as for those who spend half their lives hunting for rare stamps or vintage cars.

This book is a nebulous collection of a few chosen from the vast array available - the stars in their spheres - and even these must be confined to catching short periods in their lives - no garden stands still.

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