From Countess Mountbatten

Now that I have been able to read your book in detail I do want to tell you how very much I enjoyed it, and being reminded of one’s own experiences at that extraordinary time.  It was such a good idea to incorporate the experiences of other Wrens as well.  I am sure it will be an eye opener to today’s generation!


From Daphne John,
Camberley Surrey,  Ex PO Writer:

I have just finished reading I Only Joined for the Hat and I wanted to let you know how very much my friend and I enjoyed it.  I think it was a really marvellous achievement at this time of life – I am the same vintage 1921 -  The chapter on Gibraltar was particularly interesting as I was stationed there for two years working for Capt (D)  …..thank you again for a wonderful read – we wallowed in nostalgia!


From Grian Wharton,
near Arromanches in France:

You are probably inundated  with praises for your marvellous book about us wartime Wrens… and oh my! How it takes one back to that other England.  It is always gratifying to have one’s work appreciated and so please may I add my congratulations…..thank you again for the reminisences - it almost seems that it happened yesterday.

From H Butler Mc Cauley
Houston USA:

Having read a review of I Only Joined for the Hat I was intrigued and ordered your book. My sister, Rosina Maud Mc Cauley (born in 1922 died in 1962) served in the Wrens in Northern Ireland. Proudly.  Among her personal possessions was a folded WRNS hatband, HMS DRAKE which I have now passed on to my sister’s namesake another Rosina who lives in Flocton, Yorkshire.  I have just finished reading your book and loved it.  Congratulations on another job well done.


From Anne Wilson(née Chenevix Trench),
Pulborough, West Sussex

First of all I must congratulate you on achieving your book about service in the WRNS, during the last war. I have found it riveting!! Bringing back so many old memories.  But what I have immensely  enjoyed are the contributions of your friends all doing different jobs…..  I was nearly thrown out of the service thanks to my cotton hat.  One long quiet watch in the dockyard at Pompey, my co-wren was a sweet but gullible girl and, for a joke, I asked her if she had seen the latest AFO (Admiralty Fleet Order) which ordered the ratings’ hats to be worn inside out, brim turned up like a doughboy and cap ribbon underneath.  The following day I was sent for by the First Officer as the girl had arrived at the dockyard gate wearing her hat as above and, needless to say, she gave my name as the instigator……I am over 90 with a tiresomely old body but mercifully a good memory which your book has so delightfully sparked off. Thank you.