This infant adventure

Offspring of the Royal Gardens at Kew

It so happens that I 'collect' botanic gardens; but because you can't take them away with you and gloat over them it is not quite the same physical activity as for those who spend half their lives hunting for rare stamps or vintage cars.

This book is a nebulous collection of a few chosen from the vast array available - the stars in their spheres - and even these must be confined to catching short periods in their lives - no garden stands still.

Another absorbing and beautifully illustrated book from 90 year old author Christian Lamb. The contribution of diplomatic, military and naval exploits in the formation of the British Empire are well recorded. Far less well-known are those of botanic gardens which helped to underpin the Empire’s commercial success and were also so instrumental in furthering botanical knowledge around the world.

In this highly readable book, the author’s careful research has unearthed a fascinating insight into a selection of these gardens and the people who helped to make them.

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ISBN: 978-1-903071-29-8
Published by Bene Factum Publishing
Hardback, 176 pages
RRP: £19.99